Teacher Certification and Renewal

In order to help our teachers or perspective teachers obtain their first certificate and to assist current teachers in renewing their certificate the Taylor County School Board has put together these resources to assist teachers.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Puhl at 850-838-2500 or you can email him using the following link. 


1.  Florida DOE Certificate Types and Requirements:  This site explains the differences between a temporary and a professional certificate along with requirements for each certificate. 


2.  Florida DOE Upgrading Temporary Certificate: This site explains the process on how to upgrade a temporary certificate to a professional certificate.


3.  Florida DOE Renewal Application Process and Requirements:  This site explain the requirements  needed to renew a teaching certificate along with the process the applicant needs to follow.


           a. Florida DOE Online Process Instructions Guide: This guide helps you understand the online renewal process. 


4.  Florida DOE Adding a Subject Coverage or Endorsement to a Teaching Certificate: This site explains the process to add a subject coverage or endorsement to a current teaching certificate.


5.  Florida DOE Requirements to Reinstate an Expired Professional Certificate:  This site explains the requirements and process to  reinstate an expired professional certificate.