Mental Health

At Taylor County Schools we believe that having a happy, well-focused student leads to academic success and a positive all around school experience for all students. Sometimes mental health issues can become a problem in achieving a student’s goals. We have many different mental health providers that we encourage our students to use with their parents agreement. These mental health providers can see the student at home or in the school with the completion of a parent permission form. 

Below is a list of some of the providers that have developed a trusted, professional relationship with Taylor County Schools:

A New Dawn A New Beginning: 850-329-5776 

Apalachee Mental Health Services: 850-584-5613


Disc Village: 850-223-1003


Community Wellness: 850-644-7724 

Florida Therapy:  850-878-0494 


Panhandle Therapy Center: 850-674-8888

If you or anyone you know is feeling suicidal or in need of help please text or call:

The National Suicide Prevention Hotline


Or Text “Help” To The National Crisis Text Line



For more help or information please feel free to contact Paul Peavy, Taylor County Mental Health Coordinator

at or 850-838-2516.


In Taylor County we strive to meet the many needs of our students.  Below are some of the guidance services offered at various school sites.  For more information please contact the counselor at your child's school site.

Taylor County Primary School     838-2506 or 838-2530  (Lori Mixon)

Here are some of the services performed by the Guidance staff at TCPS:

  • resource of mental health providers in the county
  • 504 accommodation plans

Taylor County Elementary School      838-2530   (Angie Frostick)

  • resource of mental health providers in the county
  • 504 accommodation plans
  • MTSS (Multi-Tiered System of Supports) Coordinator

Taylor County Middle School           838-2516          

Here are some of the services performed by the Guidance staff at TCMS:

  • scheduling
  • counseling referrals
  • parent teacher conferences
  • state standardized testing

Taylor County High School             838-2525          (Sonya Sadler and Sharon Jandula)

Taylor County High School Guidance works with students/teachers /parents to insure that state requirements are meet for graduation. Some of the other services provided are:

  • scheduling
  • ACT/SAT registration and waivers
  • counseling referrals
  • parent teacher conferences 
  • state standardized testing

Taylor Technical Institute             838-2545           (Sandy Hendry)

Here are some of the services performed by the Student Services staff at TTI:

  • register high school students for the Taylor County Career Academy.
  • register adult students for the Career and Technical Education classes.
  • register adults seeking a GED diploma: we offer preparation classes and we administer the GED test here in our testing center.
  • offer Career Counseling to assist adult students in choosing a career path.
  • connect adult students with possible sources of funding their education if they need help paying.  Possible funding sources are the Pell grant, CareerSource North Florida, or Vocational Rehabilitation. Our financial aid officer assists student with Pell grants or the Veteran's administration.
  • We furnish transcripts for present and past students for purposes of higher education or employment

For more information please click on the links below.

1.  Division of Florida Colleges
2.  Florida Department of Education - Articulation
3.  Talented 20 Program

Mental Health Curriculum Being Taught To 6th - 12th Graders Per Florida Statute

Florida Statute (6A-1.094121) requires each school district in the state of Florida to provide five hours of curriculum related to youth mental health awareness assistance, including suicide prevention and the impacts of substance abuse for each 6th through 12th grader.

In Taylor County, we will use lessons that include videos that have been specifically created to serve the needs of our students.  These lessons and videos have been created by the Taylor County Mental Health Coordinator, using resources from the National Institute of Mental Health, Lauren's Safer Smarter Schools, and MBF Teen Safety Matters.  The curriculum will be coordinated by licensed mental health professionals with the assistance of educational professionals.

These lessons, under the supervision of the mental health coordinators will be implemented in the Language Arts classes for middle school students and homeroom for high school students.  Each lesson will include a teacher handout with individual questions and classroom discussion or activities. There are ten topics that will be covered, and each lesson will last thirty minutes.

The topics that are required to be covered within the course are as follows:

  1. Mental Health Awareness and Assistance
  2. Classes discussed characteristics of good mental health, characteristics of mental health problems and resources to help them if they are having a problem.
  3. Prevention of Suicide -
  4. Students were given a safety plan to fill out for when they are feeling down.  They were asked to write down positive activities they can do, positive places they can go and people they can talk to.
  5. Prevention of Mental Health Disorders
  6. Recognition of Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Disorders
  7. The Process of Accessing Treatment
  8. Strategies to Support A Peer, Friend, or Family Member with a Mental Health Disorder
  9. Prevention of the Abuse and Addiction to Alcohol, Nicotine, and Drugs
  10. Strategies to Develop Healthy Coping Techniques
  11. Awareness of Resources, Including Local School and Community Resources
  12. How to Reduce the Stigma Around Mental Health Disorders



The Taylor County Implementation Plan for Substance Use and Abuse and Mental Health for the 2020 - 2021 School Year can be viewed at 

If you have any question, please feel free to contact to contact Paul Peavy, Taylor County School District Mental Health Coordinator, at 850-838-2506 or you can email him at