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Vision and Goals

The vision of the Taylor School District is to create the most appropriate environment in which ALL students can experience academic success and achieve their educational and career goals while becoming well-rounded members of our global community.

Together we will:

  • Improve academic achievement for all students in Taylor County Schools, as demonstrated by state assessment outcomes and other school-based measures.
  • Align the district spending plan to support educational objectives, maintain safe environments conducive to learning, and recruit and retain highly qualified and diverse staff, while maintaining fiscal stability.
  • Equip school environments and staff with the resources necessary to adequately prepare students for their future.
  • Nurture high levels of mutual support and trust with all district stakeholders, students, staff, and families.

TCSD aims to lead with ambition,  foster positive attitudes, obtain optimal attendance, and provide rigorous academics in order to improve student achievement







Guiding Principles

1. Ensure that all students - from preschool to adult - participate in various learning experiences that enable them to develop and demonstrate 21st-century skills, while exploring career paths that respond to industry needs and personal aspirations.

2. Create a positive, safe, solution-oriented environment that promotes student social,  emotional, and academic success.

3. Encourage mutually supportive, active partnerships between our schools, families, and all stakeholders to maximize student potential and contribute to the continued improvement of the district.

4. Ensure that all students are educated in a safe learning environment that supports greater opportunities for student-teacher interaction, school connectedness, and the social well-being of each student.

5. Ensure that resources are managed efficiently and effectively to achieve the district's goals.
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