Employee Benefits

If you are reporting Workman's  Compensation Reports use the following link:  Workman's Comp. First Report of Injury Form

Open Enrollment Schedule

This year’s Open Enrollment will be totally different and easier for everyone. We will be using a new company called “Explain My Benefits”(EMB) to enroll everyone over the telephone. Your first step is to go to www.tcsd-benefits.comand schedule an appointment for your enrollment call. You will be able to confirm your beneficiary, cell phone number, and address. The benefits counselor will talk to you about what you currently have, and what new options are available.

Unlike past years, you will need to make anappointment even if you are not making any changes. This is an active enrollment and in order to remain in the system, you must talk to a counselor.

Open Enrollment will held from August 16-20, but make your appointments now. You will also be able to up an EMB app on your phone so you can access your plan information 24/7. When installing the mobile app, the company code is tcsd.

 For more information about EMB, check out www.embbenefits.com/tcsd.    The new benefit guide will be on line shortly.


Please call and I can walk you through the process on the phone or email if you have any questions: Chris Olson, Benefits Coordinator, Taylor County School District, 318 North Clark Street, Perry, FL 32347, Chris.Olson@taylork12.fl.us 850.838.2500 ext. 107.

For those of you that do not have computer access, please contact me and I will set you up an appointment.  In order for you to receive benefits of any kind, you must be enrolled in the PlanSource System. This includes the free benefits that the school board provides for you.

The purpose of this section of the Taylor County School District's website is to provide a brief description of benefits available to employees. Should you have any questions concerning the benefits described here, please call Chris Olson, Coordinator of Employee Services, at 850-838-2500 ext 107.

Due to the Affordable Health Care Act, some of the information contained within this site may change as the law requires.

The school district offers medical insurance provided by Blue Options, Dental care offered by Florida Combined Life Dental, Vision care offered by Humana, and life insurance offered by USABLE. Normally the time to enroll in these benefits is at Open Enrollment each year which is during pre-planning at the beginning of each year. However, extenuating circumstances will allow for employees to add of drop coverage at times. Changes can be made if a "Life Event" occurs. This could be marriage, divorce, changing of spouse's job ect.

All explanations to all plans with be under the links section. Please make sure to visit our Wellness page to get tips on how to stay healthy and fit

If  you have any questions, please contact me at 850-838-2500 ext. 107 or email chris.olson@taylor.k12.fl.us

Please remember if you have enrolled or are going to enroll any family members in any of the plans, please bring their birth certificates and social security numbers, and your marriage license if you are enrolling your spouse.