Steinhatchee 3rd Grade Goes Virtual

Students with Virtual Reality Headsets

Steinhatchee Third Graders got to use the Veative Virtual Reality (VR) program today for the first time!  Mrs. Harden's class has been learning about the Statue of Liberty all week.  They have been studying about immigration in a lesson that integrates reading with social studies. The 3D VR headsets enabled them to take a virtual trip and tour of the Statue of Liberty without leaving their classroom.  The students and teacher were thrilled to be the first to use this new technology.  For a brief tour of what the students got to see (of course not in 3D) please use the following link starting at about 13 seconds into the video: 
Students with 3D headsets
Student with 3D Headsets
Student with 3D Headsets
Teacher with VR Headset
Statue of Liberty