screenshot of WCTV  Community Classroom video

Taylor County Primary School's (TCPS) teacher, Pam Blue, was on WCTV's Good Morning Show during the Community Classroom segment.  Mrs. Blue talked about how TCPS recently completed a Donor's Choose grant  so they could get a Bookworm Vending Machine.  Students will be able to earn free books to take home by their good behavior or academic success.  The grant was completed by donations from many community  and out of county supporters and through a Cake Auction.  Taylor County Primary School is now looking for donations to help keep the  Book Vending Machine filled with books for the students.  

If you wish to see the video segment please click on the WCTV Community Classroom picture below.  If you wish to make a donation to help TCPS buy books for the Bookworm Vending machine please click on the picture of the Bookworm Vending Machine below.

WCTV Community Classroom screenshot and link to the video
Bookworm Vending machine and link to donate
Mrs. Blue on WCTV