Sheri Moon Celebration

Family of Sheri Moon

TCPS honored the life of Sheri Moon this afternoon. Mrs. Brannen opened the ceremony and Mrs. Gray led the attendees in prayer. Mrs. Lia Hill spoke about Sheri's love and dedication to the children. She spoke about how Mrs. Moon would motivate the kids to work hard throughout the week and if they met their academic goal, she would teach them the latest dance. Mrs. Kristy Monroe talked about how Sheri would mentor her and their friendship. Mr. Palaio talked about how Sheri always took the time to talk to you if you had a rough day or if you needed advice on how to teach a skill she would help you find a solution. Sheri's family led in the planting of the memorial tree (Miss Frances crape myrtle) followed by Sheri's first-grade colleagues. After the tree was planted a memorial plaque was added to the site. Because Sheri loved to dance after the ceremony all of the first graders and some of the second graders did the Cha-Cha Slide inside the school grounds to celebrate her life.


First Grade Staff at Memorial Tree
family and tree
Kids doing the Cha-Cha Slide