TCMS STEM Teams Earns 2nd Place in National Competition

TCMS STEM Team and Coach at NASA Competition

This week the TCMS STEM team went to NASA to compete in the Student Astronaut Challenge.  We are so proud of this team and their hard work, communication, and problem-solving skills!  

Team Captain Fisher Smith, Alex Tedder, Skylar Slaughter,  Callen Morgan, Nolan Amman, Chayla Beasley,  and Austin Woodruff. Brought home 4 medals. 

🥈2nd place in the Mailbox Design 

🥈2nd place in the Engineering Challenge 

🥇1st place in the Landing Challenge 

🥉3rd place in the Space Shuttle Simulator 


Together the STEM team earned 2nd place overall in this national competition. Congratulations to the TCMS STEM Team and their coach Jennifer Amman.



TCMS STEM Team and Coach at NASA Competition