Postcards to Space

Mrs. Amman, Nolan Amman and Fisher Smith presenting at TCES

The Taylor County Middle School (TCMS) STEM Club is working hard to get ready for their Student Astronaut Challenge Competition in February.   They were thrilled that the Celebrate Literacy Week that the district just finished celebrating aligned with one of the elements for the competition which was to design a mailbox for Blue Origin, “Postcards to Space” program.    The TCMS STEM Club brought a rocket mailbox they designed to TCES and TCPS and share a little bit about what we do to prepare for our competitions.   All TCES 5th grade students and Mrs. Hubbard's Kindergarten class were able to create a postcard that answers the question, "Why do we need space?".   After STEM members, Nolan Amman and Fisher Smith, made their presentation, the students dropped their post cards in the mailbox, and the post cards will be sent to Blue Origin and they will be sent up on a New Shepherd rocket to space, then postmarked that they have been to space and then returned to the student that created it.  “ I believe that it is so cool to see the excitement in the children that they will get to have something that has been to outer space and I am proud of the hard work my team has put into overseeing this fun project for our district!" said Jennifer Amman TCMS STEM team Head Coach

 If you want more information about the program or to see a video of a Blue Origin Rocket taking off and returning to earth please visit their website at

Nolan Amman and Fisher Smith presenting at TCPS
Mrs. Amman, Nolan Amman and Fisher Smith presenting at TCES
TCES student looking at Rocket Mailbox
More TCES students looking at rocket mailbox
Postcards on desk
TCES students at presentation
TCPS postcards