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District Awarded Technology Grant

Picture of a teacher using a projector

The District has been awarded another Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant by the Florida Department of Education. The grant is in the amount of 3/4 of a million dollars, and will fund a dramatic technology overhaul at Taylor County High School.

The project, entitled "LIFT 21: Part 2", was designed to be a continuation and expansion of the LIFT 21 project from the 2006-2007 school year. That grant provided a laptop for every 9th grade student at TCHS, as well as digital projectors in their classrooms. The projectors proved to be very popular with the teachers, who made them an integral part of their curriculum.

Part 2 of the projects takes this technology integration to the next level by placing a digital projector, an interactive whiteboard, and a document camera in every classroom. Even classes that aren't generally considered to be part of the "core" subject areas--such as foreign languages or physical education--will receive these tools.

In addition to technology, the grant also funds training for all teachers, as well as a full-time Technology Coach to oversee its implementation.

"Simply dropping new equipment into classrooms won't magically result in a successful project," notes Grant Writer Chris Olson. "Teachers must be shown how to use it, and how to enhance their teaching with it."

The goals of the project are increased student access to technology and, ultimately, improved student performance as measured by the FCAT.

Superintendent of Schools Oscar Howard stated that he was proud to be the recipient of another EETT grant.

"We have received several over the past few years--nearly every one for which we've applied," he said. "Our track record is very good, and the positive impact of the grants on students can't be overemphasized. The technology has significantly improved FCAT scores, and will continue to do so in the future."

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