Dear Parents/Guardians: 

     Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year! The Transportation Department has made a few changes as far as bus schedules and school bus stops. Scheduling is always a challenge, we ask for the cooperation and patience during the first weeks of school. 

     Please review the routes listed and choose the stop closest to your home. Bus numbers may have changed from last year.  Several routes and stops have been combined to provide a timelier schedule. Be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the published times. Be patient while waiting and courteous of the other children. Often times, the bus is delayed due to driver issues, weather, mechanical issues or student tardiness. Please be ready while we attempt to maintain our schedule. It is our goal to have the students at school on time for breakfast and first bell. 

     Parents, please provide your children with proper attire while waiting for the bus. Raincoats, boots and warm jackets are a necessity when the weather dictates. To help ensure the safety of your children, please discuss the safety rules listed with them. It is important that you as the parent or guardian work with the driver to maintain an orderly and safe environment on the bus. 

     Also, let’s not forget that many students walk to and from school, so use caution while driving, and pay special attention to our children. We look forward to a safe year! 

     Registration forms will be handed out to the students during the first few days of school, please fill them out completely. Valid phone numbers are critical in case of an emergency. Also, a copy of the bus rules will be included with the registration form, PLEASE retain this and review with your child the importance of following them. Remember, riding the bus is a privilege that can be revoked due to inappropriate bus behavior.


          Please Note: All routes listed may change due to ridership on each route. 


          Let’s all work together to make this a safe and enjoyable ride this year! 


Chris Folsom

Transportation Department